A bacterium resisting all treatment. A specialist battling to save patients. When a sadistic killer returns, will her last hope flatline?

Perth, Western Australia. Dr Julia Sinclair craves an escape from grief. Yet even a relentless drive to defeat infectious diseases can’t help the heartsore redhead forget that it’s been a year since her sister’s mysterious disappearance. And when her best friend shockingly vanishes on the anniversary of that dreadful day, she’s tormented by a stream of gruesome thoughts.

Distracted by a lethal outbreak of an antibiotic-resistant illness, Julia scrambles to maintain her focus and prevent more deaths. But as the strain spreads like wildfire and she digs further into its origin, she fears the loss of her loved ones is linked to a greater danger circling.

Can she follow the trail of bodies without ending up in her own morgue?

Isolation is the gritty first book in the Dr Sinclair Investigations medical thriller series. If you like determined heroines, dark humor, and a spattering of gore, then you’ll adore SJ Gardiner’s scalpel-sharp wit.

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She’s out to save lives. But can she help herself when she’s the focus of a killer’s gaze?

Perth, Western Australia. Dr Julia Sinclair is still mourning a terrible loss. Determined to soothe her wounds, she tries to distract herself with a return to her infectious disease work at the hospital. But she suspects somebody is trying to sabotage her career when a routine procedure lands her patient on death’s door.

Permitted to keep working under a cloud of professional criticism, Julia burns the midnight oil to determine the cause of the mysterious malady. But when more victims cast suspicion on her as the perpetrator of an ugly epidemic, she fears someone wants more than her reputation destroyed.

Can this embattled physician expose the truth before she’s the next one in need of an autopsy?

Lethal Infection is the gripping second book in the Dr Sinclair Investigations medical thriller series. If you like complex characters, true-to-life details, and edge-of-your-seat action, then you’ll love SJ Gardiner’s head-scratching whodunit.

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